Joy & Water

Susan and John Fleming & Chuck Whiteside

Haiti 2018 Reflections

John 16:33
Tebow's trials and sorrows.
It has been less than three days since returning from Haiti to the comforts of a familiar bed and a consistently hot shower. A week in a locale that defies most descriptors and where the people speak an unfamiliar language was truly another world to this man. As I learned on the first go-around last year, the return here is akin to scuba diving decompression or an atmospheric reentry by an astronaut. Although there were no time zones crossed, it seems I can feel jet lag. Maybe it is my age?

The first time this scripture from John’s Gospel spoke to me was in 2009, December 5th to be exact. I had been watching the SEC Football Championship and noticed John 16:33 on Tim Tebow’s eye black. I helped establish a Google record that evening. At the time, the scripture reference was the most trafficked Google search for one time ever. Tebow was strongly ridiculed for his open disp…

Glimpses of the Unseen

Seventh and finale in a series.

Patti & Brad Bosworth

2 Corinthians 4:16-18
2018 Sixes/St Andrew Haiti Missionaries
We Americans are impatience experts, anxiously anticipating impending failure that we let the present slip away and with-it God’s divine blessings for us go un recognized. This cannot be said of our Haitian brothers and sisters whom we attend to. They come early in the morning, line up, sit quietly, wait patiently for a moment of our time to build upon relationships begun years before. In addition, they receive a touch of physical comfort from educative advice, managed medication and vision enhancement. Their patience, their lives, their very presence defines perseverance of hope uncompromised by their circumstance.

Yes, their harsh environment and living conditions play havoc with their outer person, but if you join them on Sunday for worship you will find a vibrant Body of Christ rich in an abundance of serenity. They live admirably noble lives. These Haitians’ f…

Our Open Hands

Sixth in a series
David Galloway
Muscle Memory 
The Singing Students

Deuteronomy 15:11 NIV 

It seems like everyone here in Port au Prince is poor and maybe so, compared to our standard of living back home. Some of the only exceptions might be the few who live in the hills. Based on even the best homes in the city or the vehicles that move over these rough and rocky roads, nobody in this town is wealthy, except in their hope and faith. This is my second mission trip to Haiti and both times we have crossed paths with at least two or three other mission teams. In some translations of our Deuteronomy verse, the term “open purse” appears. It is apropos on this island. Many have opened their purses for the people of Haiti. Christian Mission is big business in Haiti.

In the days of Deuteronomy the Israelites were in the early stages of grasping the full meaning of the law brought down from the mountain. They did not have the benefit of the Good News. Love had not yet come to town. The cl…

Grateful for Grace

Fifth in a series.

Tuscany Girls Bible Study (Kelly, Cookie, Marguerite, Sharon, Margaret, Gaye and Patti)

Acts 13:47 & Ephesians 2:8
Beauty Shop

When we stop and consider the verse from Acts, we realize that Christianity at that time in the world was at its mustard seed beginnings, confined to a very minuscule area of the globe when contrasted to present times. Today it is the faith that keeps the world on its axis. Certainly, Christianity’s influence played a critical role in the founding of our nation we call America. Yet today Christianity here and around the world is hanging by threads. For today’s disciples it is not really any different than the original 12 were experiencing during the time of Acts. I believe the Gentiles in today’s context is- the world- of course, the light is Jesus and our salvation is He who is Love. Haiti is only a three-hour flight from Atlanta and we did not even change time zones. There are times on the ground here however, when one feels as if he i…

Spectrum of Love

4th in a series.

Patti and Hal Bosworth 9 Facets of Love

1 Corinthians 13

My wife Patti has been preparing for an upcoming women’s retreat in which she will have a leadership role which includes giving a talk titled “Body of Christ.” I have had the benefit of being an audience of one as she has practiced. Christ is alive. The Son of God is manifested in our world today in many. You and I are the hands and feet. The Church has left the building. The Apostle Paul’s treatise on Love, our scripture for today, is indeed another way of describing the perfect “Body of Christ.” 
Patti & Junior

In his book “The Greatest thing in the World” nineteenth century evangelist Henry Drummond writes about the 13th Chapter of 1 Corinthians in an amazing fashion. He refers to verses 4-6 as the spectrum of love. “It is like light. As you have seen a scientist take a beam of light and pass it through a crystal prism, as you have seen it come out on the other side of the prism broken up unto it’s componen…